The difference between Justice and Judgment

There a only a few cards I have trouble with.  Judgment is one of those cards.  When I learned how to read (30 years ago) I associated these two cards with Justice and wondered why there would be two cards with similar meanings.

Over the years I’ve struggled with Judgement in readings (luckily I rarely would encounter it) so I’ve been mediating on the difference between these 2 cards.  Justice is the easy one – it offers us Justice with material life. If you were asking about the outcome of a lawsuit and you pulled Justice it would be easy to read, but what if you pulled Judgment?   Both are associated with Karma (along with the Wheel of Fortune), but Judgment is more about rebirth and about one’s spiritual life than just the physical aspects of life.   So back to the reading about the lawsuit.  How would you read it if the Judgement card was pulled instead of the Justice?


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