Hi, Welcome to my website on the Tarot

(Sorry for any formatting errors since I’m new to Word Press)

I’m hoping to not only share my knowledge of the Tarot but to also learn in the process.

Of course the first card has to be The Fool – Meaning: New beginnings.
The Fool

With child-like innocence the Fool is on his way,
where his journey will lead, he cannot say.
He is not alone, for his faithful dog is at his side,

and during this journey will be his only guide.

He is Perceval, the Arthurian Knight,
pulled by the quest and drawn to the light.
Charging off in search of a spiritual grail,
he will continue this journey without fail.

Leaving everything he knows behind,
searching for something he may never find.
It does not matter, for he must follow this trail,
For it is the only way to glimpse behind the veil

The Fool

I would like to thank the Curmudgeon for setting up the website and all the tech support he provides me.

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